Emma and Rylee

Emma and Rylee
Christmas 2008

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wow What A Weekend

I had a great weekend, enjoying my birthday with some of my family and friends. Saturday night I went out with BJ and Annette. It was a girls night, dinner and a movie. Or for those of us that just have to mix things up a little, movie and dinner. They even surprised me with a gift certificate for a spa!

Jessica, Emma and I drove down to Springfield to meet my parents for lunch at Pasta House on Sunday......which is my all time favorite place to eat. Now it is Emma's favorite place too. Emma was 9 months old on Sunday and she got a big surprise.....her very own Pasta House Lasagna. She loved it!!!!!!!! It was a fun day and a great weekend.

I felt like I had to go back to work yesterday just to relax, but work has been busy these days. I am planning a conference in May in St. Louis. I will be the first to preach work life balance, but know that I will be busier than usual at work the next few months.

I hope to share lots of stories with you about the girls.....and even some stories about my nieces and nephews.

Have a great week,

aka --- Grammie Kim, Auntie Kim


  1. Thanks for the invite on Sunday!!

  2. Grammie,
    We had SOOO Much fun on Sunday!!!
    Thanks and I LOVED my las...las... whatever that yummy stuff you gave me was!!!
    Love ya,